So sue me already

Hey ya’ll! Kim here. Rhett has graciously allowed me to post under her account because this shit is long as Hell and I don’t even know if Facebook would post all of it.
Since our blog was released in the late evening of May 27th, Joan Weatherford Sammond has been losing her shit all over the place. Specifically, she has been threatening Johanna Falber non-stop both directly and indirectly in an effort to stop the ‘harassment’ and ‘defamation’.
At first, I was confused by this. Why would Joan Sammond and Lindsay go through Jo to make ME stop? Why have I not received any threats or messages directly? I am a grown ass woman why the Hell would they believe that anyone other than me has any control over what I do or say? Don’t get me wrong, I respect Jo very much and would take her wishes into consideration, but I also know her well enough to know that she would never ask this of me. I am not some minion to be ordered about. That may be how their clique works, but that’s not how we roll.
And then it hit me… they don’t have any leverage over me. They literally have nothing to threaten me with. I don’t run an org, I’m not affiliated with a rescue, I don’t even foster dogs anymore. There is literally nothing those women can do to me. What they can do is make the lives of those around me a living Hell. Fortunately, Jo is no delicate flower and if they wanna go that route, they should probably buckle up, Buttercup.
All Joan Sammond and her pussy posse can do is sue me. Linds has been threatening me with libel since 2013, I’ve grown so fucking weary of hearing that shit. You give them a taste of their own medicine, then they tell everyone you poisoned them.
Here’s the thing, there are rules for proving libel: It has to be false, the person saying it has to know that it’s false and say it with intent to harm, and actual harm has to be proven. Absolutely nothing that we’ve posted as been false and I’ll explain to you how she will literally never been able to win a case against me or anyone else for that matter.
She’s a drug addict. Several family members and former co-workers participated in her intervention. As a direct result of her drug abuse and neglect, she lost custody of her children. This is well documented in the court records we obtained through an open records request and posted in earlier blogs.
She used her company SPCA credit card to purchase ‘luxury’ personal items for herself – and by ‘luxury’ items, I mean sex toys and a subscription to among them. We know this because we have the police report that was filed and subsequently withdrawn when she was fired. We have posted this police report in earlier blogs. What Joan Sammond doesn’t realize is that if she takes me to court, I’ll be able to enter them into evidence as part of my defense and then I will have license to post them publicly.
While employed with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, there were several complaints filed by individuals that claim that Joan harassed them. She was disciplined for misrepresenting herself on behalf of the DOA and she was ultimately fired for misuse of her company vehicle. We obtained her employee file from the DOA through an open records request and they have been posted in previous blogs.
She once testified as an expert witness that drowning was a humane method of euthanasia to help a friend avoid a criminal conviction. But we’re all enablers for supporting Dave? She lied under oath to help her friend avoid a criminal conviction, but we’re enablers? I know I just repeated myself, I just really needed that to sink in for a minute. Her signed affidavit was obtained through an open records request and has been posted in our blogs. No where, ever, in the state of Georgia has drowning ever been recognized as a humane and acceptable form of euthanasia.
Joan’s rescue, Georgia Humane Society, is not a licensed rescue. They have not registered as a charitable organization with the Secretary of State in two years. They do not have a license to pull dogs and do so under another licensed rescue. There is actually nothing illegal about this practice and many individuals and out of state rescues do this – a practice that has been heavily criticized by Lindsay and literally everyone in her pussy posse. “If you want to rescue dogs, you need to get a license!” – LMF
Um, Linds, you need to talk to your fraaaaaaaaan about that.
Joan’s 501(c) is registered under Death Row Dogs Rescue, the company for which was dissolved in 2015. DRDR can not d/b/a as GH because it doesn’t exist anymore, a dissolved company can’t d/b/a anything. See how that works? Furthermore, how can Joan sit there and claim non-profit status when her rescue is not even registered? All of this was obtained through the Secretary of State and the Georgia Department of Agriculture websites and has been posted in previous blogs.
You cannot sue anyone for defamation of character if you defamed it yourself with your own actions. You can not sue anyone for libel if nothing they’ve said is false. Joan knows this, and she’s literally making a fool out of herself with her desperate threats and messages. If Joan Sammond wants me to cease my campaign, she’s gonna need to put on her big girl panties and reach out to me directly. The more she threatens others, the more pissed off I get, the more pissed off I get, the more I want to see her exposed for the fraud she is.
Joanie, Linds, KK, Cuntra, Darcy and the rest of the whorenias are all just a huge pile of hypocrites and sociopaths. They hide their lack of empathy behind the guise of animal advocacy. They tear down others because it gives them pleasure and satisfaction to do so and pretend that they only care about the dogs. They are horrid human beings and no advocates to the dogs.
My name is Kim Morgan and I wrote this blog post

4 thoughts on “So sue me already

  1. Amen!!!
    It’s about time. Maybe they will stop harassing me and leave me alone as well. It’s been three years of lies, threats and fake DNA lists they put me on.


  2. Can you please contact me, Rhett? I’m the founder of Georgia Humane Society. I met you to rescue a dog many years ago. I live in Hawai’i now, for the past 8 years. I’m devastated by what has happened to the organization I founded and worked so hard to save lives.


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