Darcy Ode Butkus: Baker Acted Police Report Updated 6/6/17

Imagine that it’s 11 pm in the evening and your phone rings, you answer and it’s God….

On April 13th, 2013, Darcy Ode Butkus called 911 telling them she was God. The police showed up at the house and met with Arnold Butkus who stated,”that his wife Darcel Butkus had not been to sleep since April 9th, 2013. Due to the lack of sleep she is now behaving in a delusional manner”.  Arnold Butkus then stated,”he didn’t know when she last showered or consumed food. He also stated that he last observed her this morning in her bedroom acting delusional and arguing with God over the things that he (God) wants her to do”.

At this point the officer and Arnold Butkus walk in to Darcy Butkus’s room where they find her naked (and pacing back and forth) screaming out loud,”She does not want to do it”!

The Officer then stated, “Once Darcel observed me, she turned to me and screamed,”No, I am not going to do that to her!” I asked Darcel if she would put clothing on since she called 911 at which time she said, “God wants me this way!”

Arnold then grabbed Darcel and began putting clothes on her. Darcel continued screaming while chanting, “I am God and I am going to do it!” When I asked her what she was going to do she turned to me and said, “God wants me to!”

The officer stated, “Based on Darcel’s delusional thoughts, behaviors, and self neglect I explained that I was going to take her to Memorial East Hospital for a psychological evaluation.”  Darcel ended up agreeing with the cop that she had been neglecting herself and without an evaluation she was likely to hurt herself and others.

The cop then secured Darcy Ode Butkus into the patrol vehicle and transported her to the hospital. While enroute to the hospital Darcel continued to scream out loud that, “God was telling her to do things that would change the world.”

And that my friends is how you get Baker Acted as successfully done by the one and only Darcy Ode Butkus!


Please Note: This is a public record it was obtained from the Davie Police Department

One reason we are sharing her incident is because she has been going after people dealing with mental illness and making fun of them. Thinking it’s her right to judge them. One of those people is David Edward.

Darcy Ode Butkus volunteered for Death Row Dogs of Florida. She was fired from her volunteer position then she went on a slanderous tour of bad mouthing with false allegations. So much so she was asked to stop. Darcy Ode Butkus didn’t stop ended up getting sued (surprise surprise) lost and ended up with a gag order and she can’t mention the rescue at all.  Then she went on to volunteer for Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue where yet again she was fired from her volunteer position because of her erratic behavior at a meeting on April 9th 2015, where she was at a meeting in a public venue and started beating the table and chanting. She then went on another smear campaign with false allegations slandering Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue.

In May of 2015, 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida was called by Sylvia Love. Her father had gone to hospice and they needed to figure out what to do with his pets. He had 13 dogs total, all but 1 lived outside. Taco was a terrier mix that lived inside the house with his owner and the rescue had agreed to take him in.   The rescue started a fund-raiser to make sure they had funds in place for his vetting and medical care.










It was set up for the volunteers to go to the property and wait outside the gate, the dogs on the property were not used to visitors.  The son would bring Taco out to the volunteers and surrender him to the rescue.  When the volunteers showed up one of the volunteers, Sarah Martin, decided instead waiting outside of the gate like she was instructed to do she was going to open the gate and go inside. Once she did she then ended up getting attacked by some of the dogs on the property. The other volunteer had to go in and grab dogs off of Sarah drag her to safety with the help of the son who had to let go of Taco. Taco ran off to go hide. Once they got Sarah to safety she called the founder of the Rescue, Amy Roman-Daniello, yelling into the phone that she got bit. The other volunteer got on the phone and explained that Sarah opened the gate and trespassed after she was told not to, and that they needed to get her to the hospital.


Once Sarah was in the hospital Amy the Founder reached out to Sarah’s mom Cheryl Martin to see how she was doing. Her mother stated via text, “that she was going to put her daughter’s head through a wall for not listening and trespassing onto the property when told not to”.  Animal Control then came to the hospital room of Sarah and the volunteer who had helped get her out safely even admitted there was no way they could identify the dogs. Sarah randomly pointed out 5 dogs. Amy was called and by the time she was told and reached Sylvia it was too late. Animal Control had come, in Darted the dogs, and took them away with a catch pole. The dogs were quarantined in the bite unit area to await their fate. Meanwhile no one had seen Taco. They started looking for him, he was found underneath the truck not a mark on him. He had died from a heart attack due to all of the stress from the trespassing incident. So now the initial animal that they came to save had lost his life and possibly 5 more were going to lose theirs because one person couldn’t follow directions.

Fast forward Sarah got released from the hospital and wasn’t happy because she wasn’t getting the attention she so thought she deserved.  After trespassing and pointing out 5 random dogs who would now possibly lose their lives and causing Taco to lose his by having a heart attack.  She called a news station and started bashing the rescue. This whole time Amy is trying to clean up the mess Sarah created by saving these dogs which she did. Amy was able to save the dogs and get them released to the rescue. They used the funds originally meant for Taco and instead used them for the 5 plus the additional animals they took. They ended getting all the animals socialized & medically healthy. In the end all the animals went to great families.  These are just a few of the animals from the incident Amy and her Crew saved.



Now this is where Darcy Ode Butkus comes in, she met up with Sarah Martin when the media ran her story. And, she helped the Martins slander 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida & Amy.

After the incident with Sarah there was another incident where an owner called the rescue and requested that Amy and her crew come out to his property to trap and remove some  puppies because they were going to bulldoze and develop the land. Darcy took pictures of Amy and her crew catching the puppies and the staff going over the fence with no trespassing signs posted. She then posted the pictures saying 100 + had gone on the property without the owner’s permission and stolen the dogs.  Which simply was not true the owner of the property was present some of the time but, the Rescue was there for over a week catching the feral dogs 24/7.

At the Mangrove property there were over 15 feral dogs and puppies combined saved by 100 + Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida. All videos were posted on their Facebook page.


The picture below was from when Amy Roman- Daniello and her team went to an abandoned crack house where bodies of dead dogs were found, they there were some live and abandoned dogs on the property that they caught and saved. If Darcy has an issue with Rescues doing their job and “RESCUING” animals from situations that could possibly cost them their lives then she needs to seriously rethink why she is in this. Darcy you can’t call yourself an animal lover and bash a rescue for stepping up and doing the right thing then praise another when they do the same. It’s called being a HYPOCRITE!


Darcy Ode Butkus goes out of her way to maliciously make up false accusations and lies to hurt and cause harm to the reputation of good rescues and good advocates.  Now has she gone after actual bad rescues yes but, there have been quite a few times where she hasn’t.  When she made the false allegations with the Department of Agriculture against Amy Roman-Dinello, the founder of 100+, she started posting and passing around financial records misleading everyone. Darcy stated the financial records belonged to the rescue. They had personal charges on the records belonging to Amy. What Darcy didn’t tell people was those were Amy’s personal financial records that were submitted as part of the investigation because she put charges on her personal credit card for the rescue, such as vet bills. She had to submit the proof in order to show why she was able to reimburse herself for those charges. 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida was exonerated after a 20 month extensive investigation by the department of agriculture. Settlement including amending taxes from the beginning stages of their organization along with a $5,000.00 administrative fine.


Again, if you look closely these are her PERSONAL CREDIT CARD STATEMENTS!!

Darcy’s most recent attack has been on a gentleman by the name of David Edwards. He was arrested on animal cruelty charges due to his house having high ammonia levels from the animals urinating in the house and it soaking into the wood floors. lol Darcy has criticized his mental status, as well as other things. David is well known in the community. He has helped get funding for a lot of Spay and Neuters. I am not defending the condition of his house by any means but, what I am defending is him. Not one person that knows Dave has ever said a bad word about him. He simply got in over his head. Yes the ammonia  was high in his house and his floors need to be replaced but, his dogs were vetted, healthy, and cared for.  What I find alarming is a woman who herself had a psychological episode where the cops had to be called would not have a bit more empathy and compassion for others with, let’s say, depression. How about we discuss that event shall we?

I promise you the police report is way more interesting. I don’t even do it justice. Darcy I hope you are mortified honestly because you judged David and others about their mental health or called them psychos, yet here you had a mental break down. How dare you judge someone else like that or even make fun of them for suffering from a mental illness, it’s not funny and it’s not a joke. You should be positively ashamed of yourself and your actions.

I think what makes it even worse is the fact Darcy Ode Butkus uses Dog Rescue The Good The Bad The Ugly to pass lies and misleading information about the subjects she reports on. At least if you are going to write on a subject be honest. Use actual evidence that supports your statements. You instead alter data to fit your facts, which is illegal and unethical.


You will probably whine that the police report got released and I could act like I cared but, we both know that I would be lying. Truth is I don’t care for you. I could have poked fun about it, I didn’t. I will say this, how you treat others is what you get back. In other words, keep doing what you are doing and we will keep giving it to you ten fold.  FYI the reason I asked you about the Animal Cruelty Bill is because I know you lied. The bill was never signed, if you had paid attention it didn’t pass. Next time at least have enough tact and class to come up with a plausible lie.

Another thing what kind of tacky fool are you? Posting your resume on LinkedIn with a picture of you drinking. Have you lost your damn mind or did all those Botox shots go to your head? You were never a Private Investigator or Law Enforcement. Misrepresenting yourself as such is illegal.




7 thoughts on “Darcy Ode Butkus: Baker Acted Police Report Updated 6/6/17

  1. You are not a very nice person. I don’t care how much crap you can pull up on Darcy, I guarantee you will not find one incidence of animal abuse on her part. Go try again…


    1. Jamie I didn’t make fun of her. I just stated the facts. The facts are there was an incident at her house she had a mental break down it’s public record. She does the same thing and you think that is perfectly acceptable. So please take your double standards someplace else. Hell I even redacted her address, D.O.B, & Phone numbers. All things I did not have to do but, I did. Jamie I secretly know you love my blogs that is why you feel the need to come read and comment all the time. Don’t worry I won’t tell Darcy you said she looks like a white version of Don King on crack.


    2. Abuse people that are taking care of animals are abusing the animal. So Darcy has several cases of animal abuse on her hand.


      1. Thank you for posting!!!!!!!! You are so right. She is doing the same here in Georgia going after rescues bulling ,defamations. She is crazy. Next victim of this crazy lunatic search online you will find all her victims. Lest get together make a recovery group.


  2. This woman Darcy Butkus is an evil deranged manipulative hateful individual. I recently had to sign a criminal complaint against her for stalking and harassment. If I have my way and the court deems necessary she will be admitted for another psychological evaluation soon. This woman actually does try to play God and she makes up a story about being married to her husband but you never see her husband around I really think that he just vanished her too Georgia to get her away from him. She’s up to her old tricks again playing God and ruining other people’s lives hearing voices in her head telling her to do so. She is manipulative; hateful, prejudiced and she is pure evil. That is my opinion hopefully it will be the opinion of the courts also. My case has nothing to do with animal cruelty it has to do with cruelty an outright spitefulness one deranged individual towards another.


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