Dear Joan Sammond Next Time Do Your Own Dirty Work Instead Of Sending Others

Pre Warning: Kim received some very vulgar threats in the form of private messages from Joan Weatherford Sammond’s brother Ellis Weatherford.  We will not be sharing the threats but, they are being held onto and documented. So let me be clear if you have a problem with confrontation then I suggest not reading this post. I for one will not sit by and allow someone to bully or spew vile trash in private messages.

Well, well, well, good ol’ Joan Sammond had to send her brother Ellis Weatherford over to the Anti- Rescue Watch page today spouting off some delusional bs about every thing being a lie. He referred to her as a Saint, Ellis try more like Satan by the way who is Gayle? Joan I think this picture below describes you to a T!


Could you please give us Gayle’s information or I will find her myself because I have some questions maybe she could provide us with more answers.  Since you were set on trying to trash her on our page. I think it’s safe to assume you are scared of what she might tell us. Well guess what! GAME ON B@$%&*S!

Joan again the next time you want to say something, do it yourself quit acting like a little scared b$&c@h. Kim and I, we don’t hide.


Ellis let me educate you, every piece of evidence we have on your sister came from public records. No one gave it to us. It can be gotten and requested from public entities. So your sister Joan is a LIAR. Every piece of data we have is the truth. Well minus her resume which was included with her personnel file from the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

That is world’s greatest fiction written by your sister. Don’t worry puppy drowner, oh my bad you just say it’s ok to use that as a form of euthanasia and testified to it in a Federal Case, as an Expert Witness. Then you took it a step further and said it was utilized by animal welfare workers and could not be found inhumane. When was Drowning ever used as a form of euthanasia? NEVER!

So lets get to this resume shall we? In July of 2013 you applied to the Georgia Department of Agriculture. The position you applied for was Equine and Companion Animal Inspector for the Fulton/ Douglas/ Fayetteville territory. You didn’t get hired on until October 2013. Anyway back to this highly fictional resume.

How cute the very first job you have up there is the Georgia Humane Society.  Well I can say from looking at it, its pure bs. You had zero investigating authority and zero arresting authority. YOU ARE A RESCUE! NOT ANIMAL POLICE. STOP TRYING TO PULL A DARCY or MAYBE SHE IS TRYING TO PULL A JOAN. The only budget planning you had been the planning of the budget going into your pocket!

Oh Jesus! Here we go with the Georgia SPCA one key thing you left out as far as job skill was you creative accounting skills aka misappropriating  company funds, and again you have zero arresting authority and investigating power. You are only a legend in your own mind! Here is the police incident report filed on the embezzling.  Emergency TRO that lists the embezzling ( the sex toy purchases) and drug abuse as one of the reasons your ex got custody. Again all of these records are available publicly.

As far as your College Degree it doesn’t exist. If you can show me a valid Diploma go for it.

You didn’t last even a year at the Depart of Agriculture because you lied and abused your power. What’s funny is you sent your brother over to threaten Kim and he is the one that got you fired and reported you.  It said so on the report that came in the personnel file. On top of it you threatened rescues and argued with a State Senator over an Animal Cruelty Bill he wrote. Pissing him off enough he filed a complaint on you. What kind of idiot does that well we know ….

You are not the brightest bulb in the bunch because you tried to threaten us by threatening Johanna well how did that work out for you?


You also called us Thugs, coming from a drug addicted psychopath I will take it as a compliment. Joan Sammond let me make it clear you aren’t smart enough to keep up so I suggest you sit your ass back down because if I have anything to say about it you will end up in prison as some big mama’s bitch. I am going to leave you tonight with our anthem.


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