Trick Or Treat Joan Weatherford Sammond & Darcy Ode Butkus

Well Trick or Treat B&$#@*s! Halloween has Come early for the Puppy Drowner Joan Weatherford Sammond & Darcy Ode Butkus these two social ladies have been quite the busy Bees.

Joan was on Darcy’s Show sounding like her usually drugged out self. They were bashing Dave Edwards what Joan neglected to leave out was in 2010 her ex took video when he came to get clothes for the kids he states, “the house was beyond disgusting, with junk everywhere including dog & cat feces on the floors, unimaginable smells & odors, and horrible living conditions”. So what’s your excuse Joan? Because you bash others but, there seems to be a lot of irony going on in your life.


Let’s not forget the part where you testified as an expert witness that Drowning is a humane form of euthanasia. Yet you call yourself an expert. About the only thing you are an expert at is lying & projecting your own life on to other people.



A few little revelations we know for a fact you are behind the Rescue Watch Page you aren’t bright enough to know how to cover your tracks.

Good Ol Darcy Butkus the professional liar the woman who calls herself “God” that Baker Act incident report is worth its weight in gold I don’t even have to paraphrase it I just have to post it  and let the masses read about your crazy naked delusional conversation with “God”.   Let’s not leave out where you put you were Law Enforcement on your Resume. Let me just say you are some kind of special nut!


Darcy if I were you I would bend over and hope for the best because after today you will need it.



I mean it’s safe to say you surround yourself with trash on your page. Katurah how’s your husband’s open container issues?

I mean dang we all know Kim Keen is Drunk? That’s no secret.


Classy Kim no worries one of these days perhaps you will get a nice yellow hue from Jaundice from all those years of drinking.

Susan Berube who claims to be a good Christian lets discuss that Theft by check charge and Issue of a bad Check. Then the 2 bankruptcies but, you don’t want to discuss those do you?  You like talking about other peoples’ stuff that doesn’t concern you & judging them. Since everyone wants to discuss dirt.

Don’t you worry Cassi, I saw you on Darcy’s blog laughing and having fun.  I have the rest of your criminal record compared to you the rest look like Saints, you are getting your own blog of shame.

I hope you hypocrites enjoy your dose of irony shoved right down your throats.


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