That is Rhett Butler. He’s from Charleston. He has the most terrible reputation.


Let me just say insomnia is a b&$@h! So here I am at 4:08 am with two dogs literally under the covers snoring. It’s their nightly routine and quite frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Except maybe on the nights they are super gassy and it stinks because well, we all know dog farts can be deadly!

I want to thank everyone for the support I have received and the feedback. Honestly in a million years I never honestly thought that me looking out for a friend I truly admire and respect would open up a Pandora Box and lead me to this point.

Picture this, here I am sitting at home in my ultra cool kitty unicorn life saver dueling boxers (ya they exist and they are bad a$@) in a tank top with a coal face mask on. I am taking selfies with my dog (why because that’s how we roll) to send to my husband in the hopes I would mortify him with the face mask! 😂 Mission accomplished! So as I am doing that I am in chat talking on Facebook looking up info trying to convince people I am completely sane. I SWEAR I AM! MY NINJA IQUANAS ARE PERFECTLY LEGIT!

When I first brought up what I wanted to do people thought I was crazy. The response I got was ya but, you don’t get it these ladies are mean. My response back was ya but, you don’t understand I am meaner. I mean my husband does take me to the vet once a year to get my rabies shot because I am a biter! Just saying! The ladies just kind of laughed and were like ok but, they let me do my thing. From the jump these extraordinary ladies have had my back. If I had questions they answered them. If I needed guidance they tried to help.

I got a crash course in Georgia Law.  I spent a whole night reading the entire Department of Agriculture Statues and Rules For Companion Animals. I have forms that are required by rescues and shelters downloaded so I can see exactly what is expected. Often times I wake up in the morning at 6:30 am and go to bed at 3:30 am because I am so busy trying to tie up loose ends.

My experience in rescue was sharing animals on Facebook. It’s not that I don’t support rescues but, I just never attached myself to one.  You see I am the type of person that people over look because I speak my mind. I can’t relate to people that have no respect for others. If you haven’t seen Gone With the Wind or Watched all the Star Wars Movies we may not click. I cuss like a sailor, enjoy history, and yes I dressed up like a Care Bear (Grumpy Bear to be exact) for Halloween because it made my Kid Happy and my dog went as Winnie the Pooh.  I am a total dork and I am good with that (danced in my Star War onesie in the front yard ya I’m a bad ass don’t hate). They don’t allow me to play with sharp objects or heavy objects (so pool and bowling is out of the question) because I am a klutz and trip over air. I can’t cook even following directions. No really! I turned a microwave in a flaming projectile cooking rice!  Once I let you in my bubble I am loyal to the end. My sense of humor is dark but, I love to laugh. On any given day I want to bury at least 15 people in my garden but, animals put me in my happy place.

So why am I sharing this because since I started this endeavor I have gotten to know some really special people that have let me into to their lives and told me stories allowing me to share what they are going through. I have spent countless hours taking notes, listening to stories, to pain & suffering these people had to endure because of the lies that were told and are still being told.

The other reason I shared this is because think about it when rescues or shelters share descriptions of animals what are they doing? They are sharing their souls and their personalities to try and reach out to people. I have several rescue dogs. I love them they are my heart. They each have their own personality and unique soul.  This is another huge reason I started going after these individuals because their actions directly effect  wether or not animals lives or die.  My questions to these individuals are,  you  knowingly making false allegations against good rescues and advocates how can you live with yourselves if animals end up euthanized because of your actions?  None of the harassers can’t tell me that they aren’t causing animals to be euthanized by their actions because by them making false accusations you are preventing these rescues from pulling animals that could be saved and instead end up euthanized. Their blood is on your hands!

I have also decided that due to all of the positive feedback and support from everyone, I am going to expand the blog and step up the investigative work that I do, I will be working on turning it in to a legit business enitity. I feel like there is a need in the Animal rescue community for a legitimate neutral entity that can speak up and do what needs to be done when there are bad individuals/ pages like Darcy Ode Butkus, Joan Sammond, Rescue Watch who hamper legit rescues and advocates from doing their jobs.  I can’t speak on behalf of Kim Morgan or Anti Rescue Watch Page but, I certainly don’t want to go it alone without them they have been a crucial part in making all of this come together!

I was always taught as a kid to do the right thing. Why should people be allowed to hide behind a page to bully and spread falsehoods while offering up absolutely zero proof and smearing innocent rescues, advocates, and individuals names. They think that it’s a game it’s not it has consequences. The rescues and the people that these individuals have chosen to go after are legitimately good people who have been falsely accused and attacked by people doing things they shouldn’t be what they are accusing the legit rescues of doing. IMAGINE THAT!

So here is what it comes down to, the more you so called shit heads continue with the antics against the good rescues and advocates the more I am going be up in your s$&t and  continue to break off my foot in your a$&&es.

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”.

Rhett Butler



4 thoughts on “That is Rhett Butler. He’s from Charleston. He has the most terrible reputation.

  1. Wow, Girlfriend, YOU are spot on & appear to have some Big Brass Balls & the Intelligence to go with them!!! I salute YOU & YOUR cause!
    I am a volunteer at Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue in FL. I have watched this Troll who is named Darcy Butkus terrorize, Sandra Dezelan, founder of Dezzy’s, for years. The Troll steals peace of mind, time, money and resources that could and should have been used to SAVE & Rehome Animals. The Troll makes me sick and she continues on to Terrorize other Rescues in S. FL and now Georgia. She is an Evil & Deranged Cancer. It’s past time for the Good & Righteous people to rise up & take her out!!!
    Thank you for putting your time & expertise into putting this information out on the net. Google & Facebook say they have NO control over False Posts & Fraud put out on their Media. Trolls have gotten away with trashing the Good Reputations of people trying to do Good for too long!!!
    Thank you & God Bless You for shining the LIGHT of TRUTH on this Sorid business!!!
    Thank you!!!


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