Max’s Legacy

I was approached yesterday by a friend who asked me if I would be willing to write a piece on Cherokee Humane Society that took a dog from a animal control something happened and it had to be euthanized. The details surrounding the death were sketchy but, what she then told me was another really good friend had championed for this dog (Max) to get him into a rescue. Instantly my heart broke. Then I saw the evidence she offered, I became instantly angry I was set to write this scathing blog of fury and bring down my wrath upon this unsuspecting individual and rescue.

Let me stop here for a min and explain something about this blog. When I first decide to write a piece I discuss it with the people who have helped me every step of the way in this process. We are in private discussion joking around, pouring our hearts outs, sometimes having a come to Jesus meeting, mainly we are just there supporting one another. Before any of my blogs are posted these 3 ladies read them first.

Today one of those people called me she saw my initial title and knew where I was going with it. She also reminded me of something by using the title of the page Anti- Rescue Watch ( I promise I getting to my point) but, the main point she brought up with me was Dave Edwards (reminding me about empathy & compassion for other).

Max was a beautiful boy who was being networked out Calhoun County AC last year.  He had a great Temp Test got along with other dogs just fine. People were raising pledges in the hopes of attracting a rescue because he was HW+, Jaime Franklin from Cherokee County Humane Society pulled him. The Volunteers transferred over the funds raised for Max. Once Jaime pulled Max apparently she claims he suddenly started having issues with other dogs all the. She claimed in a message he went after some dogs at the vet. Once she got him home Max got into a fight with her dogs and she had to use a bat to break it up. She then adopted Max out to a gentleman who fell in love with him. She stated once Max was at the man’s house he jumped the fence into another yard and killed the neighbor’s dog. Max was then euthanized.

I have many opinions on this situation some of them not so nice but, again I am trying to remember to show compassion and understand that as humans we mess up and make mistakes.  Do I think Jaime screwed up and made a mistake? Yes. I also know that at some point she deserves to be forgiven. No one is perfect we all make mistakes, me included. I would rather make sure something good came out of this incident rather than continue the hate.

What I am going to do is make sure Max is not forgotten and that maybe all parties involved can learn from this. One of the things I am doing to keep Max’s memory alive is by writing his story and reminding  people that sometimes even if an animal gets saved from a shelter it doesn’t always ensure a happy ending.  As I was reminded today a little compassion goes a long way.

~Stay Tuned  For Update~

As a reminder please Adopt don’t Shop!IMG_0200

2 thoughts on “Max’s Legacy

  1. I am not bashing but I am asking – how long was Max at the shelter sans dog aggression? So in other words, when pulled, they were told that there was no dog aggression, correct? How long before Max was introduced to the resident dog st her home? We normally do 2-3 weeks without any contact before slow integration and short window intro’s. finally, when he was adopted by the gentleman, was the gentleman advised that he had sudden dog aggression? And when we say dog aggression, are we referring to full blown dog aggression (dogs of both sexes and all sizes?) or are we referring to prey drive? It seems that a few people failed him, but I hope that eveyone has since learned. #nomoremaxstories I too know of a sad Max story and it’s the anniversary of his death… #mourningmax


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