Darcy Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


So it’s safe to say Darcy is nuts anyone who has to lie about being married just to keep up appearances really is pathetic. So let’s clear this up now Darcy.


First please refrain from referring to Amy Sue Looby in any kind of manner. She out classes you any day! Secondly I get that you may suffer from some mental deficiencies due to your prior mental health history but, clearly your soon to be ex-husband made it quite clear he no longer wanted to be married to you any longer! So how are going to sucker a 3rd husband? I guess the Casino is out of the question, since there are none in Georgia.

The first one filed twice once in 1999 and then again in 2002. Thank god he finally broke free. I could only imagine what living with a bat shit crazy complusive liar was like.


You seem to have a hard time with the truth. See Alternative Facts only apply to Politicians. You on the other hand just smell of desperation, wine, and bengay.  Not very appealing at your age. Jesus I just found out you are in your 50’s there is not enough plastic surgery in world to make you look anywhere close to that age bracket! My god woman you can easily pass for the age of dust! I’m sorry that was mean of ….. no really I’m not! Even your mom looks younger than you! <~ what she does!


See told you practically dust! Mom though is a timeless classic! Must be all that hate and lies you spew karmas a b?&$h!

So once the divorce got filed you decided to hot foot it out of Florida and put your house up for sale which sold for 960,000 in March of 2017.  You had already bought a house in Cumming, Georgia, in September of 2015 paying 200,000 in cash.  Since it showed you owned the other house free and clear.


So Darcy question? Since you must of cause a lot of issues for your poor mother is that why she moved here?  All those lies and fake name to file fake charges in Boca.

Let’s get down to the brass tax you are about three lawsuits in for libel, slander, and  defamation.  You purposely altered data to mislead people and make it look like rescues were doing wrong on top of knowingly filing false allegations againsts the rescues and individuals.

Death Row Dog Rescue, Inc. has a Gag order placed on you that prevents you from mentioning them in any media form.

Sandra / Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue had to get a restraining order which while it’s not currently in place it definitely doesn’t paint a flattering picture along with the fact they are suing you for Libel, slander, defamation, stalking, among other things.

Amy / 100’s Everglade was exonerated after you filed false allegations with the Florida Dept of Agriculture (imagine that).


Inspector Bark is registered with the State of Georgia as a Corporation.


You seem to think passing off lies is protected by the first Amendment well they aren’t. Neither is hate speech or violence, threats, or the other trash you spew on a daily basis.

Now to address some of your buddies recently you guys thought it would be a lot of fun to threaten and use scare tactics against people interacting on the Anti- Rescue Watch Page. Let me assure it was the wrong thing to do.  So we are also going to use this blog post to expose some of your stupidity as well.

Now Sandra or Amy you may want to take notes!

Joan Kautz Ellis come on down you are the first moron of shame we will deal with.  On Friday you made the mistake of threatening an individual and thought you we would let you get off without saying a word! Wrong!


See you thought you were well hidden so you felt brazen enough to threaten her well I assure you I had you in 2 secs.


So now lets expose your business shall we. So you have four active businesses. Two rescues Just Jack’s Rescue, Inc, which oddly enough hasn’t filed it’s 2016 taxes (surely just an oversight on your part). Why is that when you clearly adopted out dogs and took in income? Yet no 990 for 2016.

The second Rescue is, Waggin’ Train Rescue, Inc., it is active with the state but, does not appear to be doing anything locally. Although I see you have a sister rescue in NY that is super active and you advertise for.  Again you didn’t fill out 2016 taxesfor the one in Florida I’m sure it’s just an oversite? Oh dear this seems to be two.

Now the two other entities are corporations that are active but, what they do is anyone guess care to elaborate perhaps you are making money magically disappear? I also noticed that in March you sold your house which is in a Trust (wink, wink).


Joan don worry I figured since you felt it was ok to threaten one of my members on the Anti-Rescue-Watch page by posting her info I knew you wouldn’t mind sharing yours.

Don’t worry if you and Darcy keep bringing the crazy we can just Baker Act you both together. That way Darcy won’t have to be alone by herself in the loony bin this time. You do know people don’t like liars. Like I said only Politicians can get away with Alternative Facts. You’re definitely not bright enough for that kind of work. You could easily go get a job at Wal-Mart seems to fit your personality.

So Darcy while you are fawning over the incident report from the David Edward, think about this. He hasn’t been convicted yet an incident report is legally considered heresay and can’t be used in a court of law. He is entitled to a trial and in the U.S., we are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.  We live in a Republic which is, governed by rules and laws that affords him due process of the law. You are just  mob mentality wanting to hang him at the town square. If you scroll down on your page you defended a woman for doing the very same thing the only difference is your liked her or have you decided Darcy that your third spouse may be a rich female?

On a side note Lindsay Moss Frangie Shut up you are you no victim. No one has picked on you. You have done nothing but, abused and slandered innocent rescues for months. Then to top it all off you made an excuse for a woman who justified using drowning as a form of euthanization for animals. It was never used as a form of euthanasia shooting was! How can you even call yourself an animal lover?

So Darcy answer the question what is going with the Georgia Animal Cruelty Bill IMG_0200that is before the State of Georgia?



4 thoughts on “Darcy Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

  1. Darcy also posted publicly that Dave was a phony but when pressed for evidence she blocked me and deleted the comments even though I was behaving in a very cordial manner. What do you call it when you post false information wo proof?


    1. Libel: Her favorite because it’s written Defamation of Character: because she is defaming by spreading rumors and lies. Tortious interference with her ability to conduct business: so due to the libel and slander she is interfering with her right to have a business. Darcy is going to end up a broke joke soon and a few others along with her.


    1. Has he had his trial? He has charges pending they can be dropped (wishful thinking, amended, plea bargain, he could an sis, anything could happen he has never been in trouble. In the U.S. a person is innocent before proven Guilty in a Court of Law. Last time I checked Darcy is neither a Judge and your are not a jury. I beg to differ Jamie you guys basically charged Amy and she was exonerated. Darcy has done wrong and Joan has done a lot of illegal and wrong things. Just because we aren’t like Darcy and flaunting it around doesn’t mean we don’t know what’s going on. 😉 For all you know Jamie I could be getting ready to have you charged with siding with false gods. 😜


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