Pot Meet Kettle in other words Joan Sammond Hush and take your own Advice

Joan giving people advice on how to avoid donating to scammers. Oh the irony.


Let me remind you of a few things when you were Executive Director of the SPCA there was a report filed stating that you misappropriated funds from the SPCA you were then fired. This was also used by your ex as reasoning to gain custody of your children in 2010 among other things. As pointed out by the public records below.

Next let’s touch on the current Non for profit which is not properly operating as it should by using a dissolve Corp’s 501 c 3 stat with the IRS.


You don’t even have your own license with the department of Agriculture to pull animals you are using another rescues. Douglas County’s to be exact. So again tell everyone how you have the right to judge anyone else?


Again Joan learn to take your own advice. You definitely wouldn’t know a reputable 501c 3 if it bit you in the butt! I mean you are the same person that calls yourself an expert witness and claims it’s acceptable to euthanize animals by drowning. Word of advice hush your morals are questionable as is and you have no right judging others!


Joan you sure like misusing that word Libel a lot. You  idiot it’s not Libel when it’s backed up by proof! If Kim Keen had any common sense she would know when to back away from a sinking ship and would let you go down alone.  Joan to quote your own words, ” You are so fucked my dear”.

So this morning around late morning my inbox blows up apparently LMF came out to play. Lindsay is always crying about everyone is picking on her. She never does anything to bring it on. Well I call bs!



Because we all know you were just fooling right?   You claim to be such an advocate for the animals yet you file complaints on all the rescues Joan Sammonds was threatening and harassing when she was an Inspector for Georgia Department of Agriculture. Now at times you have gone after rescues with valid complaints but, for the most part the Rescues I am describing are the ones that are following the rules and yet you make false complaints.  You talk about all of these stop orders you have filed how many have been successful? I’ll be generous 1%. The only one that thinks you are important is you! The rest of us we just think you are a huge joke that we laugh at every chance we get! You’re like that bad case of clap that doesn’t go away with the first round of antibiotics.

You call yourself an animal lover and tell everyone you want to do right by the animals yet you stand by some one who went on record claiming to be an expert claiming drowning is a humane form of euthanasia. Your justification was because  she was an Inspector for the the GDOA and the rules at one time said drowning was ok. Let me first say you are an absolute idiot Joan was not an employee at the time she testified.  It predated her employment by two months and further more let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment and say Drowning hadn’t been ok at one time. Did those rules apply at the time she made them under oath declaring she was an expert witness? What I can’t hear you …. The answer is NO! As you can see by the copy of the laws I posted and perhaps if your tiny brain can’t comprehend ask your Attroney husband to explain them!  Drowning  has never been considered a humane form of Euthanasia but, Shooting was! So get your facts straight! The fact you support someone who has been shown to not be honest and who has misappropriated non-for-profit funds says a lot about your moral character. If you truly supported animals then you would stand up and do the right thing when presented with evidence like you have been given in this matter! The fact is you don’t care you aren’t an animal advocate you are just some self righteous pompous pig desperate for attention.

In case you can’t read Lindsay the evidence below is proof backing up what I am saying because unlike you Anti- Rescue- Watch doesn’t just spout off lies trying to pass them off as truths!  While we are on the subject you may live in a million dollar home and play tennis with the mayor’s daughter but, you are still a idiot and you can’t fix stupid and because you act like such a gem on social media you lose yourself potential clients as well as business for others who work with you! -> As told by this Individual.




I feel like a fat kid at an all you candy buffet! I just received the juicy tidbits I had been waiting on about why Joan was really fired from the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Joan likes to blame Partner for Pets as the reason she got fired. Well Joan I suggest you quit inhaling the adderall and pay attention very closely to what I am about to post.


Oh look at that it states you violated the company’s fleet vehicle policy by using a company vehicle for personal use! No, gasp, not you! The horror! Now you were written up for being a horrid hag of b&$@h and threatening and intimidating Partners For Pets. So they rightfully filed a complaint against you because you were  abusing your authority as an inspector!  The complaint was cancelled after you were fired.

Joan decides it would be a bright idea for her to go to a Town Hall meeting while there she got into an argument with Georgia State Representative Rick Gurlock ” who also happens to be a licensed Attorney in the  State of Georgia” he drafted the Georgia house Bill on Animal Cruely Laws. Joan the  decides to argue with State Rep. Gurlock on the very same law he drafted saying that she was representative of the Deparment of Agriculture.  So after Joan gets into this argument with State Rep. Gurlock and pisses him off  he goes to the Department of Agriculture and files a formal complaint against her.















Any day I can ruin your day Joan gives me the warm fuzzies. I can’t wait for the day you end up behind bars and some sweet mama is making you her special b*%&h. I couldn’t think of a more deserving individual. I am such a giver that I’m even going to give you a peek into what that future may look like! I know, I know you can thank me later.


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