Joan Weatherford Sammond’s Imaginary College Degree

It starts out something thing like this….. I told you so, I told you so! * does my white girl shuffle*

Joan if you remember a few blogs ago I called you out on your Resume being a pure work of fiction. Told you I suspected your college degree did not exist. Guess what? SAY MY NAME B&@!H! RHETT BUTLER WAS RIGHT!


You, in fact, have never graduated college nor earned a degree in communication from Columbus State University in Georgia which could not be more beautiful words to see on paper.

Just proves I can now use your resume to wipe my butt because that’s about all it’s good for is toilet paper.



The fact that you feel the need to lie on your resume speaks volumes on your ethics and integrity. I mean you did lie under oath and claim drowning is a perfectly acceptable form of Euthanasia. What’s even funnier is you lied to people and tried to deny you ever testified. What kind of Idiot are you? All someone has to do is have a Pacer Account which gives them access to Federal District Courts. The Documents are accessible from there. Your affidavit is online and easily verifiable. I downloaded it in 5 mins. Why don’t you just admit you lied? I have proven you wrong. Simply admit it. SAY IT WITH ME, “I JOAN WEATHERFORD SAMMOND LIED UNDER OATH AND I AM SORRY”. The truth will set you free. The final authority on everything Humane in Euthanasia is AVMA Guidelines to euthanasia. It would be admissible in court and absolutely would hold up. It refutes everything you say and is considered the holy grail of Euthanasia guidelines. The HSUS and ASPCA make their official statements from the Guidelines.


Now Non Degree Holding Puppy Drowner back to this farce you call your resume.


We are going to start at the top and work our way on down.

Georgia Humane Society  1) you don’t oversee any large projects or cruelty issues because you don’t have any investigating authority.

2) You didn’t put out press or media packets because again what do you do? You adopt out animals at the Douglasville Petsmart every weekend.

3) Again can’t stress this enough you don’t have the authority to investigate anything so therefore you can’t call yourself a cruelty investigator. You have no arresting authority.

4) While you may be well versed on animal cruelty and compliance law, you certainly have no issue breaking them.

5) The only kind of budget you work on with the Georgia Humane Society is converting their Funds into your personal funds.

Georgia SPCA all of the above apply to this. You are a legend in your own mind.

Georgia Department of Agriculture is about the only job you had any kind of authority to do anything. You lasted 9 mos and abused your power can’t say I am surprised.


You seem to have this issue with the little moral compass in your head. You know you need to do the right thing but, you say to yourself ah f&@k it and point it south, pop a few pills, and hope for the best. While others do the right thing and do what they morally should do.

Just like you tried to deny you were behind the Rescue Watch Page but, there is a way to prove it. You can track someone. I won’t give the secret away as to how but, you are busted as an Admin. 🙂

Here at Anti Rescue Watch we wanted to give you some “Honorary Degrees” for all the hard work that you do. *snickers I can’t even keep a straight face through that* No, we want to actually continue to laugh at the fact that you lied about having a Bachelors in Communications.   You are so desperate of a human being, you feel the need to lie and judge others when you are doing wrong yourself. Not only that but, the wrong you are doing is maliciously intended to harm others.

So here are the degrees we came up with.

I think those are most suitable degree choices considering your morally challenged lifestyle. By the way I came across your recent picture and I must say you are not aging well. What is it with you and Darcy? Must be all that hard living and morally repugnant behavior.


Look I was even a pal and got President Trump to find you a new Job that was fitting for your skill set, includes a make over and all!


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