The Festival Of Onolatry At Whitfield Animal Shelter Come One Come All

IMG_4445.PNGWhy is it certain individuals feel like they are entitled to pick on others? No I am not referring to Rita Burrows for once I know, I know AMAZING!  No who I am actually talking about is the shelter staff. They think they can circle the wagon and go after one person to punish for what ever wrong they think that person committed against them.

Well you got the wrong person you should actually come to me David, you meacock (no before you try to chastise me for being vulgar it’s not a curse word. Look it up people I am expanding my vocabulary). The person you chose to pick on actually was unaware of what happened. You see I posted the said content thinking I had made it private, because it wasn’t meant to be shared publicly, it was simply meant to be held.  So I 100% take responsibility for it. See that’s what telling the truth and owning up to one’s mistakes looks like.

What’s even worse David is you taking it out on this person is making me have to acknowledge something exist that you are afraid of. You don’t want it to see the light of day. Why is that? Perhaps it supports those pesky rumors you have been trying to cover up about the abuse and neglect going on at the shelter? I mean we all know pictures exist & documentation exist.

See you have an issue with honesty you claim you don’t but, you do. What was that you told me the shelter budget was when we first talked on the phone? Oh that’s right $8,000.00 a yr plus an extra $7,200.00 for the septic tanks.  You left out about $184,800. You also told me you had been given a $5000.00 grant to get feral cats fixed but, that you had the money sent over to National Spay Alliance as a payment so you wouldn’t be accused of misappropriating the money. About that on an open records request made recently, there was no reporting of that grant money. I am thinking that was just an oversight on your part and the fact you didn’t add it into the 2017 budget like you should have again just an oversight right?

I believe in giving a person enough rope to hang themselves. Even if I know you are lying I won’t say a word. I’ll just let you go on and on. Gather the evidence together and then call you out on it.  You remember that Facebook conversation we had about what went at the meeting with the policy changes where you tried to tell me the new rule was because it was a liability and I said just get a liability waiver and have the volunteers sign it. What you neglected to tell me was most of them already had when they started volunteering and there were even those who hadn’t that were allowed in back. So it must not have been to big of a worry.  See what worried you was the fact they spoke out about what was really going on back there how you, Don, and Tammy were treating the animals less than humane. Then you even admitted when I said the real reason that policy was put into place was because they spoke out to the news paper.

So again they were targeted for speaking out about neglect and inhumane treatment of the animals going on at the shelter. When you have Policies in place that state you can’t provide medical care using tax payer’s money but, you could use it to pay for TV to watch in the office all day we got a problem. Funny how after the volunteers got kicked out you could spend money to put up black fencing to prevent Advocates from taking pictures of animals in outside runs in order to network them but, that wasn’t aimed at anyone was it?

You keep trying to cover your tracks instead of fixing the issues properly. You are trying to take it out on the wrong people and punish good people for actually doing right by the animals when you should be holding yourselves accountable and owning up to your wrong doing instead of hiding it. You should be trying to work with the volunteers to fix the issues rather than putting together plans that don’t work out. By the way David there was a Municipal Code on the books since November of 2000 for Public Adoptions that addressed everything you were concerned about. You didn’t come up with anything. Funny how your plan is almost word for word what this Municipal code reads! My oh My!  Reading is your friend. Try it sometime you might find you learn something useful.


I am sure though Hell would have to glaciate over before you read or much less admit you did anything wrong. The only thing you ever admitted to was accidentally euthanizing the wrong dog and that was because it made the news paper.

Last but, not least let’s not forget about Plonco who on 12/21/2016 lost his life along with a Pitbull because you had them in the same kennel which was not recommended, to have smaller and larger animals kenneled together by GDA.  Plonco was a 10 lb chihuahua who during feeding time got into a fight with the pitbull over food and ended up losing his life. In turn this then cost the other animal his life because you euthanized him. It could of all been prevented because the day before Plonco’s owner called looking for him, Tammy answered and the owner gave a perfect description. The dog was in back, had Tammy or someone else gotten up gone to check or told the owner to go look online she would have found out her dog was at the shelter & both dogs would still be alive.







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