Another Spanking For Joan Sammonds

Today I received back much to my surprise some documents I had requested pertaining to the reason Joan was dismissed from her position as the Executive Director of the Georgia SPCA. Which I can now share. Her former assistant Rita, went into the Suwanee Georgia Police Department carrying with her banking records from the Organization’s financials.  These records indicated that Joan had been using the SPCA’s funds to pay for bills and luxury items. Rita filed a formal complaint with the Police Department.

Joan’s ex if you also remember used this and made her admit wrong doing when she lost custody of her children in the 2010 Child Custody Case.

Yet Joan has made numerous accusations against others for wrong doing. How is it a woman who has been caught balanty mishandling money in the past been allowed to be put in positions over and over again that gives her access to donations and funds? Shouldn’t Joan be put under the same scrunity she has asked others to be under? Yet she cries witch hunt even though proof has been provided.

Joan calls her self an Adovocate for Animals yet she went on record claiming to be an expert witness saying drowning is a suitable form of euthenasia. Since when? Joan is no Advocate she is self serving and selfish. She doesn’t need to be in any position held regarding animals.


It’s about time people in Animal Advocacy start standing up to people like Joan. It’s simply unacceptable to keep allowing bad advocates like her hanging around causing problems for good rescues, advocates, and shelters.


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